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Nov 2, 2017

A Student's Dive

A Student's Dive

 Soft echoing voices in a place with soft pleasant lights done up to look smart and eloquent, place of comfort and a place known to hipsters away from the stuffy. Hear I came to the University of Hartford's Starbucks coffee shop (a school which now I am an alum) conveniently built into the library. 
I went to the library to complete an art assignment for a friend that we booth had procrastinated on for a while. It was designing labels for his candy campaign a simple brain child idea that had the potential to create ownership away from his corporate world.
Given my now mid age I looked upon the student with a new kind of older perspective.  That is that they are the continuation of a cycle of hopefuls. Hopefuls to become leaders, entrepreneurs, teachers, doctors, husband, wives and innocent of failures trials and tribulations of the professional working world... almost cute. Their ordering of the drinks and snacks reflected just that, their voices were soft and almost innocent, how we all acted when first left home, as a crowd of students that gathered to pick up their orders after efficient machine like execution of the Starbucks staff.

Below is a quick sketch done in ink on paper while waiting for my hot chocolate.

Oct 22, 2016

The 9th Wonder

Faces walking on bodies that seem bloated and over fed (not like I was the poster boy for the breakfast of champions), “my god is this what society has come to?, ”white brown and black faces tall short and lean faces talking and walking in long hospital white corridors stacked on levels one above another anxious signs begging for attention children darting and playing in my path “oops” just missed that one, look away to seem nonchalant to hide that fact what wanted to do to the rude kid (that was the second one) in a grand inviting space made for the ordinary to feel as if they were some where grand and special, and I think we did.
Where was I? I was in Connecticuts Fox woods Casino Mall. Yes the Casino had found another way to lure its pray, I mean the ordinary, to its works, so that along with shopping some could gamble or the young could be imprinted with the thought “lets go to that mall I remember” definitely good for future business.
     I and the family went there to celebrate a birthday and eat out. I never liked buffets so, just walked around and played a few games. Well gambling didn’t go well so I continued my walk and viewed gracious forest scenes from out windows as I walked toward the casino mall. I finally sat down on strategically arranged benches that formed a semicircle around what seemed to be an information booth all placed in the center of a grand glass atrium.
      Below is a quick sketch of the mall atrium with ornaments hanging and women receiving some information in the lower portion of the sketch.

Jul 12, 2016

Making artist drawing charcoal

Making artist drawing charcoal

"A great idea I discovered on  the web"
Video of charring twigs to  make drawing sticks.. I charred willow and grape vine sticks. My second year of charring. The results were very good.

Monday I went to a park and charred some dry willow and grape vine twigs  I took and cut to length from around trees to make drawing charcoal. This is the second year I tried it with some interesting results.
The the first two images are drawings done with the home made charcoal, the third is the charcoal after cooked, The video of charring the twigs in next post.



Jun 25, 2016

The Puppeteer

The Puppeteer

Today was a quiet Saturday afternoon.the kind that reminded of my childhood in Connecticut watching old TV shows like "Bonanza" as puffy lazy clouds floated over blue skys that whitened meeting the ground, and while the fan quietly swirled in the apartment window cooling the family in the hot summer heat, accept this time I found myself at the NewBritain American Museum of Art in the Connecticut city NewBritain.
      I was invited along with other artist to a last themed model drawing session of the group. I showed up about five or ten minutes before and saw our model.  He was a friendly and serious puppeteer who received a master degree in his craft and had attended national conventions on the subject.
    The event was arranged by the group's diligent and enthusiastic group leader. She has consistently arranged for interesting models and places to draw. At the museum she even had a guitar player there for ambience who played soft cerebral rhythms and blues notes .
   It was near afternoon and the early summer sun beat down on us as we drew. Some artist managed to find places in the shade on the front entrance patio of the museum. I decide to scarf ice for my craft and took a spot in the sun were I could see and imagine intersecting angles of our model. I worked out ideas on the paper and in my mind then I finally began to draw. Curious visitors entering the museum look  at me and the others as we drew.
  Below is the picture of the innocuous puppet artist as he humbled himself and breathed life into his instrument, a carved and exaggerated facsimile of human expression of which  he moved and we believed this lifeless thing was sad, happy, and had over come some tragic life story.

May 3, 2016

Rainy Day Music

Monday I decided to go to Black Eye Sally's restaurant. Something I had on my mind all day. It was that or go drawing. Got their early on a quiet rainy introspective rainy day. I thought it would be nice to talk with the chops, a married couple, and Joe the photographer. I got there about 20 minutes early and ordered a cup of gumball and a Shirley temple while the band set up. Finally the band  played about 20 minutes afterwards, 8 o'clock. I saw some familiar with faces, though my friends never showed, on stage. There was Nat Reeves on base and a new professor from the university of Hartford jazz department who played and a young drummer. Also Trombonist Steve Davis and Trumpeter Bruno join them later. My sketches are below.

Feb 9, 2016



The two drawings below were done on a night I didn't bring something to draw on to club I go to listen to music, so I improvised. I drew on the paper table cloth. The table had two layers with one more permanent plastic layer below the two. A system meant for easy clean up, but in the moment I used to draw. The band played classic jazz, and pianist who span several generations told stories of his younger days when he played with jazz legends like Dizzy Gillespie. I think every one would agree the trio were now the legends. Hartford's Alvin Carter played while he grooved with his mentors. Before I left I used a table knife to neatly cut out the drawings.

Feb 4, 2016

A Vermont Visit

 A Trip to Vermont

After a day of arduous work I decided to take a friend up on his offer to drive me to an all day art session in Vermont. Funny thing about about me and that state is that although I live a stone throw away I never visited it, my lost because I discovered is a laid back, and I'll use a Cinderella word, "enchanting" place (for the most part with a minute hint of urban economic social issues). Old barns, old Victorian houses, old farm lands, and old beautiful mountains that gathered clouds of mist reminiscent of carefully arranged post cards to allure travelers to send their friend back home.
       I met my friend in the morning at a Dunkin' Donuts and he drove from the out skirts of Connecticut to Vermont as we chatted about art, life work, and other things. About an hour later we finally arrived at Brattleboro, a small quiet hilly town, that he said hipsters went to die. The group there was mostly retired individuals and some who were younger mature artist. I discovered they were friendly and dedicated to art. They came from Vermont, Connecticut and as far away as Boston (about a two hour drive).
    The model there was a man from Thailand about fifty who worked as a professional house painter. He wore a necklace of pictures of deceased individuals, which some of whom were his parents, said to be a good luck charm in Thailand that also help him meditate. I drew all day with charcoals and later colored it with pastels. During the breaks a few close artist women friends broke into spontaneous dance. They dance to old Madonna songs and rock music and laughed about when they first heard "that song", about when they bought a certain album, and how thee parents reacted as the studio radio acted as a catalyst that triggered more memories
Below is my drawing/painting of Keo the Thailand painter.