Jul 26, 2013

art drawing work using artist chacoal and artist turpentine

 (Charcoal and White Chalk on Poster Board Turp. Wash - Darryl Z. Oates)

Above is an expressionist self portrait done in my college years. I wanted to capture narrative, your choice, human intensity.

Jul 23, 2013

art charcoal drawing sketch using willow charcoal

('Flare'-Woman in dress  Charcoal Sketch on paper 18"x24" by Darryl Z. Oates)

Above is a sketch of woman in dress done in preparation for painting  
(Sayfiyah' with hands on hips on index page.) 
The drawing was done using willow charcoal.

Jul 21, 2013

Jazz Festival drawing sketches using ink pens

Yesterday about 4:00pm brought my drawing cart and my lawn chair to Hartford's annual Jazz Fest in downtown. The feature artist on Saturday was famed jazz saxophonist Walter Beasley. Got there a little early while they were still setting up and I heard a lesser known but great musicians. Found a spot to sit in the hot sun amongst thousands of people. There was a lot movement, playing, walking and conversation in front of me. Above are three  9"x12" drawings done with a brown marker. The first, drawing kids playing, the second drawing people having causal conversation and people walking by, and the third drawing is of the performance stage from a hill top (the building with the flag).

Jul 18, 2013

Video of Artist

(Video of artist recorded by Belizemultversal )

Above video of artist recorded at a medical fund raiser.

Jul 13, 2013

Concert drawings Sketches using ink pens

(Quick pen and Ink drawings done on the spot approx.  5"x 7" paper - Darryl Z. Oates)

It's that time again,that is, there are number of summer concerts in greater Hartford. Above are pen and ink drawings made some time ago at a summer concert held at Elizabeth park. I will be posting more and detailing the events this year, my motivations, and just sharing with all. Hope you all are enjoying the summer weather and grooving or just relaxing.

Jul 11, 2013

Pastel Drawing

 (approx 18" x 24"Window Fruit - Darryl Z. Oates)

Above a pastel drawing/painting of fruit and plant in window.

Jul 9, 2013

Art drawing using pencils

(Textured Bathroom Glass Window - Darryl Z. Oates )

Above is a pencil drawing of textured glass window I had in an apartment. In the morning it gave me a different atmospheric abstract picture every day.

Jul 6, 2013

A poetic Illustration

 'Sweet Dreams'
(Digital Illustration by Darryl Z. Oates)

This digital illustrative image began as a charcoal drawing then I digitized it and I used graphic software to finish the image.

Jul 5, 2013

Art drawing of memorial using pastels

(Bushnell Arch Magic marker and Oil Pastels - by Darryl Z. Oates)

This fourth of July I decided to take my pencils pens to the famed Hartford monument commemorating those Connecticut residents who served in the civil war. I walked around the monument and tried to find figures that would summarize the monument. The figures above were my choices. The statue to left represents the liberation of slaves and the statue to the left is memorial to union soldiers that served and gave their lives.
So many lives, so many untold stories, the saying goes if you don't know your past you won't know your future I encourage all to take a moment and visit the memorial, or another monument near you that tells of American sacrifices and think about the sacrifices and untold stories, happy belated fourth.

Darryl Z. Oates

Jul 2, 2013