Dec 26, 2015

The ION Force (a game never made)

         The story line: two orphans who were growing up under rough circumstances on earth are taken away to far reaches of the galaxy to train and become members of the Intergalactic Officer Network (the ION Force).
       Their mission - track down and destroy an escaped and convicted world destroying being called E-Lore. A re-hydrated sea monkey like creature. Their mission will be fraught with many obstacles including those they are sent to save because not only is E-lore is a galactic megalomaniac threat with stolen powers, but he is a charismatic character capable of influencing masses of people to his side.  E-Lore has two goals and that is rule all things or destroy all things.
The Genesis of the Game
In the early 2000's I got my hands on a 3d software called Inspire through a college I worked. Inspire allowed an artist or designers to create animation. Fascinated with endless possibilities, and seeing a need and opportunity to bring a diversity to the gaming industry I started developing a story for a game. I bought "Game Development for Dummies" (don't let the title fool you it was some pertinent information in the book smartly done) knowing some programming having spent years engineering I gave it a try.
     Well as far as programming goes one thing that is always said when you write your first one is keep it simple and any attempt to be more involved will lead will lead to so much coding that you won't finish. I didn't heed that advice and never finished, but I did manage to learn how to 3d model create with the software and animate them. Below is my introduction to the never completed game.

Dec 24, 2015

The Nigerian Model

Sometimes I attend a Monday's drawing group that has costumed models. The woman who runs the session very enthusiastic about finding models and creating a staged presentation or themes once the model arrives in our old barn of which is our art league's head quarters.
   I receieved text from her about a young Nigerian woman posing for us this Monday and she would be wearing a traditional African clothing. When I arrived with my portable easle I was asked to help to set up the model, and I did.
      The model was a lovely young women with dark complexion wearing a purple out fit, whether it was authentic or not I don't know, but I liked the color arrangement.  Once settled into her pose we all started to draw, but there was one flaw and that was the model kept nodding off (sleeping) while we drew her. I asked why and she said she was up all night, doing what I didn't ask,  sometimes had I asked her to open here eyes.
   Below is the pastel drawing/painting I did while there.

Dec 23, 2015

Creatures for another World

What?,  that strange and familiar...I once took a ceramics course at a local two year school with an outstanding professor from Sardinia Italy. He was big on teaching his students on  how to fold the clay properly to get the air out and things like trying to get a consistent wall thickness in our pottery. We were tested and took notes in our own notebook of which we were required to keep. He also encouraged us to come up with new designs to explore other possibilities in clay.
That challenge made me think of my high school biology days when we were given the challenge of coming up with imaginary creatures on imaginary planets that had physiology that would help them survive the nature of our pretend planets.
     I tried that mind experiment again in hopes that it help me come up with some new ceramic designs.
Below are the creatures from my ceramics notebook.

Where I Once Worked

I once worked driving a shuttle bus at an airport. It was mostly a game of waiting and being at the right location to to pick up the most passengers (you could tell they were UN-eased or a little panicky about making their flight) for the most tips, funny it seemed that the families out for the revered family trip would always tip the most, and the well dressed frequently traveling business man would always tip the least. Every driver knew about being in the right location so, there was always some tension during flight in and out times. Besides that it was a job that I needed and not wanted, so I found myself imagining other things like when I completed a degree I could start doing my art, or work in place that was more fascinating. I wanted to explore the sciences, but while there between the spouts of rest I would draw myself. Below is a pencil and pen drawing I did while in an airport parking lot.