Jul 21, 2015

Flutist Kim Scott

 Wow had the pleasure of listening to and see the a great Jazz and classical flutist Kim Scott. Kim. Regaled us with jazz with 70's funk infusion. Her performance was crowd pleasing as she walked off stage to the audience and played for the crowd which seemed like a one on one performance. This great musician from Alabama endured a hot Hartford summer day as she cooled us off with her rhythms.

Kim Scott

Kim Scott

Kim Scott

Jul 8, 2015

Monday Night Jazz in Hartford CT 2015

...And so it begins, the welcomed 2015 Hartford Jazz Society Monday Night Jazz Series. Once again on a cool summer night I sat in front of the Bushnell Park stage with sketch book and ink pen in hand. and I sketched the performers, I greeted friends, I enjoyed a cool breeze, and I enjoyed the calming evening as it turn into night. Below are sketches from that night on July 6th 2015.

 The Crowd

Kitty Kathryn (above)

The Push Trombone Player