Jan 26, 2016

The Young Pharmacist (model from Zimbabwe)

The Pharmacist (model from Zimbabwe)

Yesterday at the art league I drew a young model from Zimbabwe. (Cindy the organizer of the drawing sessions is judicious in finding new and different models) I was happy that she was wide awake unlike a model we had previously who fell asleep during poses. Well this one had beautiful African sculptured face that I wanted to capture in simplicity. I spoke to her in between poses, and from her accent it was evident that she was from elsewhere. Her teeth were flawlessly white and she was socially graceful with a wide smile. She told me she worked in a pharmacy some were in the New Haven Area in Connecticut.


 Two weeks ago on another lazy Sunday afternoon I attended the Baby Grand Jazz Series at the Hartford Public Library.  The Alon Nechusahtan Jazz Trio played. I think all members were originally from Europe given their accents, but now well known musicians in the New York City.  I got there again about an hour early and just took in the atmosphere in the libraries atrium space and felt peace for a moment.

(Sketches below are of the Alon Nechushtan Trio at the Hartford Library)
Lars Ekman on double Bass

Colin Stranahan on Drums

Alon Nechushtan on Piano

The Library Host

Jan 21, 2016

A Saskia Laroo Night

A Saskia Laroo Night

Saskia Laroo on Trumpet

Jocelyn Pleasant  percussionist

 (Above quick sketches of the musician who played  Jazz Monday night)
(at Black Eyed Sally's)

Monday night was my music night.  I went to black I Sally's restaurant and sat with some friends.  When I got there JC professional photographer had his camera and my two other friends Tom and his and his wife were dinning. I was familiar with the band who played and I'm sure they seen my face before listening to them play on many occasions. The band leader for the night was Mrs Saskia Laroo from the Neatherlands playing trumpet. Her choice of instruments I thinks still turns heads as she blasted away at jazz staples in her blue dress while her husband regaled us on piano and with his vocal skills. Among the other band members there was was Steven "King" Porter on bass and Jocelyn Pleasent on drummer.

Jan 10, 2016

A Music Sunday Week Two (The Sinan Bakir Quartet)

A Music Sunday Week Two
 (The Sinan Bakir Quartet)

This Sunday on the second week of the free Sunday music Baby Grand Jazz series at the Hartford Public Library the Sinan Bakir Quartet played. I unlike previous week showed up early enough to sit downstairs at performance level.  There's always a quiet Sunday morning feel in the spaciously tall and aesthetically pleasing atrium. The light feels quiet, and I sense the people are way more relaxed than in a busy work week day. Before the show I talked with regulars and other artist friends, mostly who are photographers about other events, whose showing up where, and I observed and made new social connections.
Sinan Bakir played guitar and Mike Assetta played Bass along with Curtis Torian on drums. They gave a great performance while I meditated on things and drew.
(Below sketches of the band and space)

Jan 3, 2016

Lazy Sunday Music with Harp player Edmar Casanada

        The Baby grand Jazz series started once again at the Hartford Public Library for the year 2016, a free Sunday jazz series sponsored by the Hartford Jazz Society, and the Hartford library. The series that had been going on for years has become so popular that even though I arrived about half hour before the performance I could not find a seat and no one was allowed to stand downstairs at performance level due to fire code. My guess is that there were hundreds of people that came who sat down stairs and on the entry level of the library. In addition they had reserved seating for Hartford's new Mayor's wife and other, so security was tightened.
      I wandered up and down the upper levels and finally decide to sketch on one floor above seating level and two floors above performance level. The sketches below are bird's eye view sketches of the audience and performers Edmar castanada on Harp Pablo Vergara on piano both from Bogota Columbia.
    Heads bopped as the played "Libertango" composed by Astor Piazolla on a lazy Sunday afternoon