Sep 15, 2015

The Jazz Professor on Sax

The Jazz Professor on Sax

Monday Jazz seen at Sally's was composed of a lead band member on bass and his former professor playing sax as a guest member. I was the first to arrive at a table in front were my usual com padres sit. A couple which wife knits during performances and a photographer who to took pictures during performances. Usually making a total of four with myself included. This time five a guest they knew sat in our group. Being early got a cup of gumbo that was pretty good and Shirley Temple, yes a grown man drinking that what can I say, I wasn't in a mood for beer. The picture below is shows the four band members and a good looking young energetic waitress. 

Sep 11, 2015

Divine figure intervention

Like most artist groups my usual Thursday's  group is run in a structure that had it's heyday and is a reminder of days long past and needs TLC.  Hence our predicament last night our structure, an old barn on the city's historical list,  had been invaded by flee carrying raccoon and could not be used, so arrangements were made to use a room at a cathedral across the street. The model posed clothed due to lack of privacy and religious respect. Below are my drawings from that night.