Nov 22, 2015

Macy Gray at the Infininty

Sat with a few artist friends yesterday at a local restaurant in Windsor CT. two of them had just came from giving a great artist talk at the town's art center. As we sat talked one of them mentioned that he and his wife would be attended the Macy Gray performance at the Infinity Music Hall in Hartford tonight. He caught my attention because I had a complementary ticket for eating there a few times and wanted to see someone I recognized. Got to the Infinity Hall it was a small intimate theater seating about three hundred people that had great views just about any were you sat. I sat and listen to the intro band playing a kind modern soft rock until Macy cam on and lit up the audience. I had my sketch book and drew two small pen and ink sketches quickly as she performed . Below are the sketches.

Nov 17, 2015

Jazz pianist Matt DeChamplain with jazz vocalist wife Alto

 Sat with the Chops, a couple who are jazz fans with their own front room table at Sally's yesterday, and I watched a young band that hearkened back to the golden years of jazz playing songs like "Them There Eyes" with golden tones and notes.
Jazz pianist Matt DeChamplain with jazz vocalist wife Alto and band. Below are my sketches.