Jul 28, 2018

The Big Side View

 The Big Side View

while at work once in the regimented field of jet engine manufacturing I had to take a training course. The course was in an old office room in our fort like building with an instructor not to long remove from Russia or some some soviet block country. The course went all morning and we stop for lunch and upon our return the instructor made a remark in regards to human physiology that explained many a routine working day feeling.     
       In his Russian accent he said that I understand that after lunch all us our a little sluggish because of the rush of sugars to the body makes us sluggish, so if you want to get up and get a glass of water or nod off in the car for five or ten before we get back to studying please feel free.
       Today I lay in bed dosing off before going to a schedule drawing section at our local art league I had ice cream on a warm summer day with the TV playing and on another monitor scanning through the hundreds of drawings I digitized.
      I got in the car a drove to NewBritain Connecticut from Windsor were the art league drawing session was and I was about six minutes late in a crowed room.  Our model was a Peruvian young lady named Bialatnett in a pink dress.  I had to take position that allowed me to to draw her side view.  I pondered for a while to decide how I wanted to draw her,  I thought to myself  maybe a full body side view, but that was to cramming for the size of my paper that I wanted draw on, so I decide to draw larger than life side view. I stummbled a while to draft the portions and drew the the model in charcoal on paper with a little white pastel, wish I had more time to color the drawing.  The drawing is below "Bialatnett":


Jun 18, 2018

"Believe in You"

Feb 19, 2018

"The Fantastic Margaux Ensemble"

"The Fantastic Margaux Ensemble"
pen on paper
I thinks it safe to say educator Marguax Hayes composed a powerful strong, soulful, and spiritual African connection in her music that took us for a long beautiful ride as we listen to the Hartford library jazz series, just the thing needed for Black History Month. It was a pleasures listening to the rightness and shear genius of her music.
Vocalist/Performance Artist/Educator: Margaux Hayes
Pianist: Jonathan Chatfield 
composer/multi-reed instrumentalist: Richard McGhee III
Drummer: Jocelyn Pleasant on percussion
viola and bass: Colin Benn
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Jan 22, 2018

The Matisse Project

The Matisse Project

     Today’s episode at the Hartford Library’s Sunday Jazz series featured a duet that played with vigor and purpose. There was  the insightful masterful pianist Christopher Bakriges and the soulful gifted Gwen Laster on violin.
     The lazy hazy winter Sunday entertainment also featured musical arrangements that paid homage to the legendary French painter Henry Matisse and a speaker who added even more focus on the theme by reciting some of Matisse’s inspiring life.  The speaker, an actual reverend, was a gentle but opposing man large in stature dark skin and with gray dreadlocks who spoke with a committed baritone voice that anchored the legendary artist story.
     The duet and speaker entertained in the library’s auditorium that had a built in projector that showed images of Matisse’s work on a large screen behind the performers as they performed.
      Some of Matisse’s more astonishing life events and ground breaking artistic theorems were noted like his way of seeing color as form, his life time commitment to art even in old age along with his traumatic family events in war torn France. 

 Two sketches of the duet and the reverend in pen and ink