May 23, 2015

Aio the Geisha

Had the fortune to draw at NewBritain Museum of American Art arrange by  a drawing group. The model was a present day Japanese geisha. She dressed in a Kimono . This a 18"x24" drawing in pastel of that model.

May 9, 2015

The Place of the One Arm Bandits

Just visited Foxwoods, an American Indian reservation run casino in Leyard, CT, with some family who only go there to eat and enjoy the scenery. The drive there is pretty much quiet and scenic compared to our more metropolitan home. I've seen birds with wing spans I guest to be five feet or more souring over the country side as I drove and tree leaves almost fully grown, our spring come late. We also passed huge farming fields setting up for this year's crops with the unpleasant strong smell of cow manure.
       I was the only one who indulged in the "gaming", a preferred term by the gambling industry. I played the dog races probably just because I remember going there with my father and betting on the horses and the dogs.
       The races were telecasts in a massive dark room with small screens for every seat there of which there were hundreds and many many larger wall TV's that gave a gambler any information that they needed along with one massive huge screen for main events. I never was clear on the particulars, just like hanging out with my pops, so I asked the information desk for reference book, but there was none. Fortunately a regular there offered to show me how, so I sat a seat away and he told me the particulars while the bar maid in her short skirt kindly asked if we wanted drinks. Even with his help I still wasn't confident enough to bet so I thanked him and left. On the way out I passed the 'One armed bandits' (the slot machines) and saw massive amounts of people taking their chances. Below is a quick sketch of someone with all her humanity and dreams at the mercy of a bandit.

May 7, 2015

A Reggae band Practicing Part II

At it again, I was at club Vibes in Hartford once again drawing  a reggae band practicing. They make the main performances on Fridays in the greater Hartford area. I sat watched and ate and sketch while this time a powerful and soulful female singer sang the lyrics

tis' the season
for the reason
love is history
Imma gonna play me some music
da da do dae...

Again music that wood make a crowd head bob and dance to the groove.

 A singer adding her vocals to the musical reggae vibes

Above members of the band practice a Bob Marley song

May 6, 2015

May 4, 2015

Steve Allen Quartet

The music continues.
with sketches of the Steve Allen Quartet below. They performed at Black Eye Sally's restaurant and club in Hartford Connecticut.

 Steve Allen - sax
Johnathan Baber - drums 
Zuccara - Bass 
Frank - sax

 Steve Allen - sax
Johnathan Baber - drums 
Zuccara - Bass 
Frank - sax

 Steve Allen Johnathan Baber

May 1, 2015

A couple in the kitchen circa 2000

I was at  relative's house when I picked a pencil one Saturday morning and sketched her and her South Carolina boyfriend before they made their days rounds.