Oct 22, 2016

The 9th Wonder

Faces walking on bodies that seem bloated and over fed (not like I was the poster boy for the breakfast of champions), “my god is this what society has come to?, ”white brown and black faces tall short and lean faces talking and walking in long hospital white corridors stacked on levels one above another anxious signs begging for attention children darting and playing in my path “oops” just missed that one, look away to seem nonchalant to hide that fact what wanted to do to the rude kid (that was the second one) in a grand inviting space made for the ordinary to feel as if they were some where grand and special, and I think we did.
Where was I? I was in Connecticuts Fox woods Casino Mall. Yes the Casino had found another way to lure its pray, I mean the ordinary, to its works, so that along with shopping some could gamble or the young could be imprinted with the thought “lets go to that mall I remember” definitely good for future business.
     I and the family went there to celebrate a birthday and eat out. I never liked buffets so, just walked around and played a few games. Well gambling didn’t go well so I continued my walk and viewed gracious forest scenes from out windows as I walked toward the casino mall. I finally sat down on strategically arranged benches that formed a semicircle around what seemed to be an information booth all placed in the center of a grand glass atrium.
      Below is a quick sketch of the mall atrium with ornaments hanging and women receiving some information in the lower portion of the sketch.